Whats happening in the Gardens at Pensthorpe this March

The Gardening team at Pensthorpe

March has swiftly passed us by, and what a delightful transformation it has brought to our gardens at Pensthorpe!


We caught up with Lesley in the Garden Team for a full update of what’s been happening in the many gardens at Pensthorpe this month…


Those mere hints of daffodils that emerged last month have now erupted into a magnificent display of vibrant hues. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteer team last autumn, their hard work has really paid off. Various patches within the Sculpture Garden are adorned with new clusters of daffodils, each boasting its unique variety and adding a delightful splash of colour to our days, which, thankfully, have been graced with fewer clouds and more dry spells.

Daffodils at Pensthorpe

In this recent spell of drier weather, we’ve seized the opportunity to commence our seasonal maintenance rituals in the Millennium Garden. It’s time for the lifting, dividing, and tidying up of perennials, followed by their careful replanting. This period also affords us the chance to delve deep into the soil, enriching it with additional amendments where necessary and remedying those compacted areas that have been hardened by incessant rainfall.

However, the mild winter has accelerated the onset of spring, prompting the perennials to awaken sooner, shortening the timeframe for these essential tasks. With approximately 30-50% of the garden undergoing intensive work each year, our schedule is tight, and we’re immensely grateful for the assistance of our volunteers!


One thing that I think many people forget or don’t get to appreciate is flowering shrubs. So many of us are quick to get the hedge trimmers out before bird nesting season starts (as we can’t disturb them!) and we end up cutting off the beautiful flowers that many shrubs have to offer us in the spring. In the Sculpture, Wave and Courtyard gardens we have a variety of shrubs which normally most wouldn’t consider being of floriferous value. So don’t be too hasty to cut back those shrubs, remember if it flowers before June, do not prune!” 

As the month unfolds, our seasonal grass care regimen resumes, with lawned areas receiving much-needed aeration and their inaugural trim of the season. Meanwhile, the Juneberry trees (Amelanchia) are now bursting in to flower and stand out in fantastic glory in the various gardens, the main attraction being in front of you as you enter the Millennium Garden through the Jenny Pickford gate.

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