The Glade Sculpture Garden

Fall in love with fairy tales all over again with Pensthorpe’s newest garden.

A touch of magic

Enter a space that used to be home to our native red squirrels, but is now home to a magical sculpture fairy that resides nearby with a pool of glistening water at her feet.

Explore the garden

Under a shady canopy of evergreen trees, the Glade Sculpture Garden is an ethereal garden to wander around in wonder. Filled with quirky touches like glass milk bottles embedded in a stone wall, the winding pathway in the Glade Sculpture Garden will take you from the old red squirrel enclosures from the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust’s previous conservation project, through to earthy spaces filled with tree stumps, ferns and overgrowing moss. Hear birdsong and see running water as you stumble towards the garden’s folly of a stonework archway and ornate doorway to parts of the park previously unknown.

A touch of magic

Alula is a one-of-a-kind fantasy wire sculpture designed by Robin Wight, whose work has been exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Alula is accompanied by three giant dandelion sculptures that reach towards the sky and provide a dramatic silhouette at twilight. In wintertime, the light dances off its frost caught on cold mornings.

An evolving space

The garden will evolve over time and develop with the arrival of new sculptures and as the trees and plants are allowed to reach out and grow. If you are interested in becoming an artist in residence, or would like to display your work in this space, please contact us at

What you’ll see

This garden complements a number of sculptures, from the intricate mosaics of Primrose Mosaics and Katie Green to pops of green and blue glass sculptures designed by Jenny Pickford. Surrounded and shaded by purple beeches, conifers, acers and laurels, this garden gives a sense of timelessness with its vibrant shades of green all year round – very apt for Alula, the spellbinding fairy nestled in the garden’s glade.