Pensthorpe Bird and Wildlife Fair 2019.. Photo : Steve Adams

Wildflower Meadow

Come and stroll at your leisure, enjoying the sounds and scents of this special place.

Walk on the wild side

Common wildflower meadows are hard to come by, so ours is a sight for sore eyes – and a vital habitat for many species.

Explore the wildflower meadow

There’s a buzz in the air at our wildflower meadow. As you wander, keep your eyes peeled for dragonflies, butterflies and demoiselle damselflies, or idle away the hours surrounded by over 80 grass and flowers species.

Our traditionally managed wildflower meadow is one of the largest in Norfolk. Situated in the floodplain of the River Wensum, it plays a really important role in the ecology of the river valley. Here you can wander the boardwalk nature trail and immerse yourself in the wildlife all around. With so many flowers and a symphony of insects, there’s a lot to take in – it’s also an popular foraging spot for bats and birds.

What you’ll see

This thriving habitat is humming with activity all year round. Watch out for bees, dragonflies, banded demoiselle damselflies and butterflies weaving in and out of the 80 species of grasses and flowers including ragged robin, marsh valerian, yellow rattle, greater bird’s-foot trefoil and southern marsh orchid.