Be inspired by sculptures

With so much wildlife to keep you occupied, don’t miss out on the diverse collection of nature-inspired sculptures dotted around the park.

Find hidden gems

Stumble across stunning sculptures as you wander around our 700 acre reserve and five gorgeous gardens.

Home to five of the most spectacular Norfolk gardens

Pick up a park guide to find all the amazing artworks in our reserve and gardens . With lots of sculptures to spot, they’re a wonderful way to engage young minds, and explore the gardens and nature reserve as a family.

Wild Boar (2014)

George Hider

Nest (2014)

Miles Halpin

Stag (2017)

George Hider

2018_06_30_Sculptures 2 (Steve Adams)

Tree Masks (2018)

Pauline Lee

Dandelions (2020)

Fantasy Wire

Alula (2022)

Robin Wight of Fantasy Wire

Birds (2010)

Ros Newman

Tawny Owl (2018)

Claudia Petley

Foxglove (2014)

Toby Winterbourn

Arum Lily (2019)

Jenny Pickford