Wildlife Habitat Garden

This wildlife-welcoming spot is buzzing with visitors (and we don’t just mean the humans!). Spot dragonflies, amphibians, reptiles, moths, bats, beetles, birds, butterflies and, of course, bees! And get helpful hints and tips for your garden too.

Explore the garden

A wander through the Wildlife Habitat Garden is an ideal way to start your day at Pensthorpe. Situated right by the water, it’s where manicured planting meet natural wilderness. As you walk around, you’ll notice helpful hints and tips, offering up ideas to turn your own outdoor space into a more hospitable habitat. That way, you can enjoy a little bit of our wildlife haven at home.

What you’ll see

What won’t you see! The wide variety of plants and flowers on offer include red hot pokers, foxtail lilies, and plenty of others/ They help attract a whole host of critters to the garden too, whether they’re looking for their next meal or a cosy place to sleep. You might spot dragonflies or damselflies, colourful beetles, curious frogs and reptiles, and even bats, depending on when you visit.

Butterfly and Bees image

Best for bees

Did you know bees are in trouble because their habitat in under threat and agricultural practices are causing them harm? Bees need a diverse choice of plants to collect enough nectar to survive. But diversity is dying out in the countryside and bee populations along with it.

Humans need bees to pollinate our crops, so it’s vital we do all we can to help them. In the Wildlife Habitat Garden, we’ve added more bee-friendly plants – ones that flower for longer, providing more nectar and pollen, like Salvias – and you can do the same in your garden at home.

Feeling inspired?

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