Pensthorpe Conservation Trust

We’re here to nurture nature today for tomorrow and help save declining bird species.

Nurturing Nature

Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT) plays a pivotal role in ensuring Pensthorpe and its inhabitants will be around for generations to come.

Started in 2003, the PCT’s purpose is to nurture nature today and bring it to life for tomorrow. Based at Pensthorpe, we strive for excellence in habitat management and restoration, and bird conservation, as well as offering visitors the opportunity to see our work in action.


How we’re helping

In partnership with other organisations, our captive breeding programmes, including our current curlew head-starting and corncrake reintroduction projects, are having a big impact on the future of our local and national landscape, and the fate of its inhabitants. In the past, we’ve had great success with red squirrels and Eurasian cranes, helping to increase their numbers in the wild.

We’re also here to help spread the word about endangered species, habitat loss and what people can do to help – from our special walks and talks to school visits where kids can get stuck in.


PCT is a registered not for profit charity (charity no. 1100589). The trustees of Pensthorpe Conservation Trust are:

Bill Jordan MBE
Deb Jordan
Kit Papworth – Chair
Nick Acheson

Why we exist

Birdlife is a great indicator of the health of a landscape. Unfortunately, the red list of Britain’s most endangered birds has virtually doubled since the mid-1990s and includes several familiar species. Human activity, including intensive management of agricultural land, is largely to blame, robbing birds of their habitat and food sources. There are also threats from migration hunting, drought and warming oceans.

With so much to contend with, birds are more in need than ever. That’s why organisations like the PCT are so important for securing a better future for these vital species. Check out our current projects and past successes below.


Our Projects


You’ll probably hear a male corncrake before you see one. Find out how we’re giving a voice, and a chance, to these endangered farmland birds.


The curlew’s call is perhaps the most evocative song of any wild bird. But with the population under threat, Pensthorpe and our partners have stepped up to help save it.

Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are native to Britain, but their numbers have been in decline for centuries. Discover how our decades-long breeding programme has made a difference.

Turtle Doves

With their food source and habitat threatened, turtle doves are in decline. But as part of Operation Turtle Dove, we’re helping to turn the tide.

Eurasian Cranes

Learn why Eurasian cranes need protecting, how the Great Crane Project is working to bring them back from the brink and meet our delightful trio of this special species.

Bird Ringing

We’re part of the Constant Effort Sites (CES) scheme where professional ringers come to monitor, ring and release the birds.

All the information we gather goes to a data bank at the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology). With their help, we can better understand the birds that visit here.

Help us when you shop at Amazon

Did you know that Amazon donates money to a charity of your choice when you sign up to Amazon Smile? The website acts exactly as Amazon does, only when you buy a product it will donate money to charity. To help us raise money for our conservation projects, simply choose ‘Pensthorpe Conservation Trust’ as your charity of choice.