Wetland Discovery Area

Marvel at majestic cranes, take part in child-friendly pond-dipping, and find our flock of resident flamingos in their tropical lagoon

Welcome to the Wetlands

Our Wetland Discovery Area is a great introduction to watery habitats, inspiring young minds to help protect them.

Wildlife under water

Wetlands can be found on every continent except Antarctica – they’re home to birds and other animals that depend on them to breed, feed and flourish. But the world’s wetlands are vanishing, impacting these vital species and our planet. The Wetlands Discovery Area recreates some of these precious habitats – from lakes and rivers to garden ponds – and teaches you about the wildlife that need them to survive.

There’s lots to look at and learn – you might even go for a (pond) dip. We hope a wander around the wetlands will inspire you to help protect these watery habitats for the future.

Explore the wetlands

Pond dipping

Check out our large pond-dipping facility – thought to be the biggest in Norfolk – and take part in an organised pond dip, led by one of our guides. Taking place every summer, this family-friendly activity is a great way to get up close with nature and discover new species*.

*Seasonal activity, weather-dependent

Flamingos and cranes

While we can’t magically transport you to sunny southern Spain, you can enjoy a flavour of the lush lagoons there when you visit our flamingo and crane enclosure. Here you can wave hello to 62 resident flamingos. And there’s no neck-craning required to marvel at the majestic Eurasian (or common), East African and red-crowned cranes that call Pensthorpe home.

Wetland Hide

This is the largest bird hide at Pensthorpe. With expansive viewing panels and plenty of seating, it’s great for big family groups and can accommodate a whole class of students. Inside, there’s loads of useful information about the wet world outside, whether you’re there to learn, draw or just stare at the birds.