Volunteers’ Week 2021

Learn more about our super team of volunteers!

This week was Volunteers’ week; a week to recognise and appreciate the hard work and contribution carried out by individuals all across the UK; we’re marking this week by celebrating the hard work of our wonderful group of volunteers we currently have as part of our Pensthorpe team.

The hard work carried out by our volunteers is key to our success, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be supported by a group of highly committed and enthusiastic individuals! To say a big thank you, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our wonderful volunteers and share their volunteering experience so far…

Reserve maintenance

“I’ve been volunteering for about 2 years 6 months, and normally on a weekly basis. I decided to volunteer because I wanted additional exercise, and Pensthorpe was the ideal location because of my love for wildlife. I enjoy the camaraderie of the team, the beautiful grounds, and the general wildlife within the reserve. I especially enjoy the fact that I am able to go to parts of the reserve that the general public are exempt from, and the general work that we do is both enjoyable and rewarding; it’s also always good to see the results of what we have achieved”

Reserve maintenance/Educational Visits

“I’ve been volunteering for 4 years and I volunteer a day a week throughout the year. I help with reserve maintenance such as the  annual Wildflower meadow cut down that takes place in September, as well as helping the Wildlife Education Officer with school visits. I decided to become a volunteer because I really wanted to contribute to a cause I care about and to also make a difference!”

“I chose to volunteer at Pensthorpe because it has such a diverse range of habitats and wildlife. I enjoy working as part of a team and learning new skills! My favourite part about volunteering is being able to look after some of Norfolk’s most valuable areas; at Pensthorpe in particular I love the people and the wonderful homemade cakes from the Courtyard Café.”

Reserve maintenance

“I volunteer for the reserve team and work throughout all seasons. I have volunteered for 2 and a half years, and decided to begin volunteering after being diagnosed with epilepsy having to give up my job; it was a perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and provided me with a path to learn new skills. My favourite thing about volunteering is the new skills that I have developed and continue to develop, as well as learning more about conservation. I love volunteering here because of the tranquility you can find here which also helps me manage my stress levels.”

Reserve maintenance

“I started conservation volunteering in November 2019 so I have volunteered about 18 months in total. After moving from Yorkshire, where I volunteered for the Wildlife Trust, I was looking for a local conservation volunteering opportunity and used to drive past Pensthorpe regularly; so I got in touch about volunteering here. I love the variety of habitats: River, Woodland, Broads, Fen and wildlife and water meadows all in one special place.”

“I particularly enjoy the chance to spend time outdoors with the conservation, gardening, aviary and site management staff and volunteer friends, learning about what’s involved in managing Pensthorpe; this is what makes volunteering so rewarding.
My favourite part of Pensthorpe is how these habitats are connected by the ever-changing chalk stream of the River Wensum and two old railway lines.”

Garden/Reserve maintenance

“I started helping in the gardens before moving across the reserve team and began my volunteering journey in November 2018 after retiring. I decided to volunteer because I liked the thought of working on a nature reserve, because I love nature and being outdoors. I love volunteering because I love working within nature and working in different all the areas around the reserve; I particularly love volunteering here because there is always something to do, and we have delicious cake from the Courtyard Café!”