Sightings at Pensthorpe – 20th May 2024

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Wensum Valley Birdwatching Society visited Pensthorpe on 20th May 2024. Here’s their report.


Pensthorpe 20th May 2024
We started later about 9.30am and it was still overcast with a chilly northerly wind. The drive and car park were very quiet but we were pleased to see a couple of Swifts and three Swallows, the only ones of the day.
We could see a Red Kite sitting on its nest opposite the Wetland Hide and a female Marsh Harrier was quartering the reeds, but little else of significance.
For the first time there were no passerines at the Woodland hide, just two Mallard and two Grey Squirrels?
The sun eventually showed itself as we emerged from the woods into the flower meadow and we found a basking Common Lizard on the board-walk and looking skywards there were many more Swifts.
We spent some time searching for damsel flies in a sunny spot at one of the bridges between the meadow and the Old Scrape when a kingfisher flew through towards the Old Scrape, where we were rewarded with a pair of Little Ringed Plover trying to decide where they wanted to build a nest. There was also a Common Sandpiper here. The same or a different Kingfisher flew over the Old Scrape later so a very rewarding day with two sightings of these elusive birds.
As we left the hide a Hobby gave quite close views as it hunted just above the trees before disappearing towards Sennowe Park and a couple of Chiffchaff young were being fed in a hawthorn bush. They must have been a very early brood.
Three Common Tern nests on the small island outside the hide on Old Squaw Lake were a surprise. There were a couple Terns just about everywhere so whether we have recorded an actual number or the same one two or three times is open to debate.
On the way back a Herring Gull on Old Squaw Lake tried to fool us it was of the Yellow-legged variety, but eventually common sense prevailed.
Barry & Ian


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