Pensthorpe’s first ever Magazine has just launched.

Pensthorpe Magazine - Issue 01, Spring 2024

Pensthorpe has just launched their first Magazine. Partnering with CRC Marketing Norfolk to produce the 32 page, quarterly publication.

Pensthorpe Magazine - Issue 01, Spring 2024

Pensthorpe Magazine – Issue 01, Spring 2024

The magazine is jam-packed with latest news, interviews and details on upcoming events on the reserve.

Here’s just a small sneak preview of what you can read in the very first edition of the publication:

  • Page 8 – Get a closer look at some of the insects, plants, and birds that have made an appearance on the reserve as we transition into the spring season.
  • Page 10 – Dive deeper into the details of the proposed Island Walk project at the reserve, designed to offer visitors a more immersive experience in nature. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.
  • Page 16 – Discover the conservation efforts undertaken by Pensthorpe to safeguard the curlew population in the UK, shedding light on the importance of protecting these unique birds.
  • Page 20 – Explore the stories behind the captivating sculptures scattered throughout the reserve and learn about the talented artist responsible for bringing them to life.
  • Page 25 – Gain insights from Head Gardener Jonathan as he addresses one of the most commonly asked gardening questions.
  • Page 30 – Meet Andrew, a dedicated volunteer at Pensthorpe who plays a pivotal role in the preservation and maintenance of the reserve, showcasing the passion and commitment of individuals contributing to the conservation efforts.

The magazine is a complimentary for Pensthorpe Members, who can pick up their free copy from the Pensthorpe Shop. For non-Members, the magazine is available for purchase for just £1, offering an exclusive insight into the diverse wildlife and conservation initiatives at Pensthorpe.