The Island Walk proposed for 2024!

The news is out and after months and months in planning we are delighted to announce we have submitted planning permission for The Island Walk.

The proposed island walk would consist of a series of high bridges, decks, walkways and boardwalks raised 3 metres high into the tree canopies, with vistas stretching across our lakes.

The experience will be more than 130 metres in length, and would connect one of our walking routes to an island within our lakes. The plans consist of some of England’s largest fully accessible rope bridges, along with cladded bridges, walkway and platforms, along with habitat walls.

The materials used to create the walkway would be cedar shingle and waney edge cladding to give a contemporary yet rustic feel.

Ben Marshall, General Manager says: ” Our mission mission has always and will always be to bring visitors closer to nature, both physically and mentally. The proposed Island Walk is the ultimate way to show visitors previously inaccessible area and give them a real-life bird’s-eye view of the reserve that is teaming with wildlife.”

There will also be interactive and educational elements such as nature tubes, which will bring the noises of the water and wildlife closer together.

Habitat walls and insect houses will allow visitors to view usually unseen creatures throughout the seasons.

We are extremely excited by this proposed development, which is a significant investment in our experience at Pensthorpe and one we hope will really enhance our visitor experience and Pensthorpe. We will keep you updated as things progress.