This February half term

Hunt for poo and tracks around the reserve.

February 11th – 19th

Channel your inner explorer!

This February half term become an explorer for the day. Pick up your binoculars and put on your wellies to hunt for all of natures TRACKS and POO!

Squelch, splat, ooze… EWW!

Follow all the tracks on the trail around the reserve to earn your Explorers badge!

Your little chicks will have a HOOT in WildRootz too! Become a poo detective and spot all the poos and who they belong to on our PRINTS in POO trail.

February 11th – 19th


Free activities weekdays throughout February half term include:

  • Natural history table
  • Food chain game
  • Migration game
  • Seed survival game
  • Free crafts
  • Flamingo talks