Egg-citing News from Pensthorpe: The Arrival of the First Flamingo Egg of the Season!

Flaming egg at Pensthorpe

 The much-anticipated arrival of the first flamingo egg of the season marks the beginning of an enchanting period at our nature reserve.

Pensthorpe is home to a diverse array of wildlife, and our beloved flock of 62 flamingos is certainly one of the highlights. These graceful birds, renowned for their vibrant plumage and elegant demeanour, never fail to captivate visitors of all ages with their beauty and charm.

The hatching of the first egg, affectionately known as a “flaminglet,” is a significant event that symbolises the start of a new generation of flamingos here at Pensthorpe.

Visitors to Pensthorpe will have the unique opportunity to observe the nesting behaviours of our flamingos as they eagerly await the hatching of the eggs. Did you know that flamingo nests are approximately 60cm tall and resemble mini volcanoes with sloping sides and a shallow dimple at the top where they lay their single egg? Both parents diligently build and incubate the nest, showcasing their dedication to nurturing their offspring.

During this nesting period, flamingos can be quite territorial over their nesting areas, often engaging in vocal displays and minor squabbles with their neighbours. However, beneath their feisty exterior, they secretly desire the company of their nesting neighbours, fostering a sense of community.

The incubation period for flamingo eggs is approximately 30 days, culminating in the arrival of the adorable flamingo chicks. These chicks, initially grey in colour, will gradually develop their distinctive pink plumage over the course of three years, showcasing the remarkable journey of growth and transformation.

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